mgnrega purba medinipur
mgnrega purba medinipur
mgnrega purba medinipur
mgnrega purba medinipur
  • Amar gram amar Bagan at Contai-III
  • Fly ash brick field at Tamluk Block
  • Gramin Sadak Saptaha 12th June to 18th June 2017
  • Maa Lakshmi Project and Big Cow Farm at Patashpur-II Block
  • MGNREGS Review Meeting with BDO and GP Functioneries on 26-12-2017
  • nursery at wbcadc tamluk
  • Slow sand filtration at Contai-III Block
  • Van Mahatsov 2017
  • Workshop on usage of Polymer for Tetrapad and Road Constr at Digha on 11-09-2017
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    Go's & Circular
    DateDetailsClick to download
    04.12.2018Aanual Action Plan Format for the FY 2019-20 Labour Budget under MGNREGADownload
    30.11.2018Recommendation by Honble MIC- in implementation of MGNREGA worksDownload
    05.11.2018Guideline for generating Postal Wagelist/FTO of CBS Enabled Post Offices in NREGASoft,UrgentDownload
    22.11.2018Timely Payment of Contributions and Compliance with EPF Act 1952Download
    05.11.2018GPDP and AAP under MGNREGADownload
    12.10.2018EPF Order for Contractual Employees Under MGNREGADownload
    05.10.2018Use of Tarpaulins under MGNREGA confirming to BIS standard regDownload
    04.09.2018Sufal Bangla-Convergence with AGRI-MARKET for productDownload
    03.09.2018Clarification regarding proceeding against malptracticeDownload
    27.07.2018Admissibility of annual increment to the STPs and VLEsDownload
    13.07.2018Re-structured Permissible Works List under MGNREGADownload
    06.07.2018Execution of schemes on Railway land - regardingDownload
    15.03.2018Queueing system for non-wage FTOs and signature by 2nd signatoryDownload
    08.03.2018CA(HQ) incentiveDownload
    28.02.2018Change of MGNREGA scheme sanction processDownload
    27.01.2018Preparation of Labour Budget and Annual Action Plan under MGNREGA for 2018-19Download
    23.01.2018Guideline/Framework for Planning of works and preparation of Labour Budget under MGNREGA for 2018-19Download
    16.01.2018PAINTING IN SCHOOLDownload
    05.01.2018Death compensation of NREGA workersDownload
    05.01.2018Clarification regarding SupervisorDownload
    03.01.2018Clarification regarding IHHLDownload
    05.12.2017E-book for livelihoodDownload
    15.11.2017GeoTagging of works under GeoMGNREGA Phase-IIDownload
    31.10.2017Clarification regarding contractual remuneration of employees on contract in MGNREGA set upDownload
    23.10.2017GRS engagement GODownload
    09.10.2017Ajker Majuri Agamir Jibika-Eradication of poverty and IBS related circularDownload
    23.08.2017Entry of the name of Technical Personnel as detailed by GP in MRDownload
    21.08.2017Enhancement of vetting power of the technical assistants and others in the MGNREGA set upDownload
    19.08.2017Issuance of Indicative Framework for Case Record/Work file under MGNREGS regardingDownload
    16.08.2017Clarification/Guideline regarding issues pertaining to Contrcts awarded by the State Government Departments/Local authorities/statutory bodies/PSUs under Government of WB due to the introduction of GST i.e. 1st July,2017Download
    16.08.2017Clarifications regarding Material Bill under GSTDownload
    08.08.2017Permission for use of Truck/Tractor for carriage of earthDownload
    08.08.2017Wage Support for Geetanjali SchemeDownload
    08.08.2017Closure of MGNREGA Accounts and Administrative ExpenditureDownload
    24.07.2017SOP for Aadhaar Camp ProcessDownload
    19.07.2017Clarification regarding wage for development of infrastructure for Vermi/NADEP compostingDownload
    19.07.2017Clarification regarding bonus to VLE/STP etcDownload
    19.07.2017Admissibility of additional remuneration to VLEsDownload
    05.07.2017Fake Job Card RegardingDownload
    04.07.2017SOP for Job Card VerificationDownload
    04.07.2017SOP for Timely PaymentDownload
    08.06.2017Vector borne disease control awareness ProgrammeDownload
    01.06.2017Clarification regarding filling of different posts in MGNREGA setupDownload
    31.05.2017Clarification regarding joining GRS after getting bailDownload
    19.05.2017Indicators for monitoring performance in MGNREGADownload
    03.05.2017Proposed changes in e-FMSDownload
    02.05.2017Geo-MGNREGA Incentive System for AGAS and MSE and target for 31sr May,2017Download
    25.04.2017Death compensation to NREGA job-seekerDownload
    19.04.2017ENGAGEMENT OF VLE AND GRSDownload
    16.04.2017Activities in school premises, Health Institutions and Anganwadi CentresDownload
    16.04.2017Job Card Mapping with Landless Casual Manual Labour as per SECC in NREGASoftDownload
    16.04.2017Casual Manual Labour as per SECC SOP for mapping in MISDownload
    04.04.2017SoP for expediting aadhaar based payments- MIS provisionsDownload
    31.03.2017Inclusion of MGNREGA Contractual Employees under Swasthya SathiDownload
    31.03.2017Working of STP in MGNREGA Set upDownload
    31.03.2017Working of VLE in MGNREGA Set upDownload
    31.03.2017Clarification regarding EPF and BONUSDownload
    31.03.2017Payment of wages within 15 days from date of closure of a muster rollDownload
    31.03.2017Inter District Transfer application not mutually referredDownload
    17.03.2017Rate of saplings in CADC nurseries made under MGNREGADownload
    14.03.2017Wage support under MGNREGA for construction of houses by the PMAY(G) beneficiariesDownload
    27.01.2017Labour Budget Proceeding of Purba MedinipurDownload